Rare Protocol
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Welcome to Rare Protocol

Rare Protocol is an open curation protocol for NFTs.
Between 2015-2017, a number of early experiments emerged involving registering digital art and media on both the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains.
In 2018 the ERC-721 token standard was formalized and introduced a new, web3-native creator economy around the creation and collection of NFTs.
This led to a Cambrian explosion of creativity. We've seen hundreds of marketplaces, thousands of creators and collectors, and millions of NFTs having been birthed in the past five years.
This is a new paradigm for creators. We now have on-chain royalties, auctions, and self sovereign minting smart contracts that lower the barrier to entry and create new economic opportunities.
However, this market it still in its nascency, and has significant challenges. Scams and rugs are prevalent and discovery is challenging. Rare Protocol expands on existing functionality and adds a new system for onchain curation, reputation and discovery.
These technical documents give an overview of the system and its benefits.
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