🌐Welcome to Rare Protocol

Rare Protocol is an open curation protocol for digital art and culture.

From the pioneering experiments blending art with blockchain between 2015-2017, to the explosive evolution in 2021, we're now scripting the most vibrant chapter in Web3 history... Enter, Rare Protocol: an expansive leap forward, enhancing the marketplace that started it all, and introducing a novel system for onchain curation, reputation, and discovery.

Explore these technical documents for a comprehensive insight into the system and its myriad benefits. Welcome to the future of creation and discovery.

πŸ› οΈFOR DEVELOPERS: For all assets and supporting documentation pertaining to the protocol, as well as the original Staking Whitepaper, visit Core Protocol. For access to the API, subgraph, and instructions on integrating key pieces of the protocol into your project, continue to Get Started. πŸ”­RAREDAO HUB: For access to the grants program and further documentation around DAO processes, visit the RareDAO Hub.

πŸ—ΊοΈSTAKING ON THE RARE DAPP: To get hands on with the Staking Dapp Beta and the future of onchain curation as we know it, visit $RARE Staking. Here, you'll find a quickstarter overview on how the system works in practice + further instructions and FAQs.

πŸͺ™HOW TO GET $RARE: For a list of official exchanges where you can get $RARE, as well as the official contract address, see How to get $RARE.

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