How to Route Sale Earnings From NFT Platforms to Your Community Pool

This guide will show you how you can route a custom p6ercentage of your earnings to a community pool and bolster your signal in the network and improve your work's discoverability online.

STEP 1: Finding Your Community Pool’s Accumulator Address

Each community pool is equipped with an Accumulator Contract Address. This address can be used to route funds into your community pool for Rewards Swaps! In order to find the accumulator address you’ll need to head to your community pool’s landing page on Once there, you can click the “Reward Swap” tab pictured below to reveal the accumulator Contract Address.

STEP 2: Setting up Your Splits Protocol Contract

The Splits Protocol (formerly 0xSplits) is the main mechanism you’ll be using to configure splits for your community pool. This contract allows you to route a percentage of funds it receives into multiple addresses.

If you’d like to learn more about Splits we encourage you to check out their website or developer documentation!

  1. Create split account using your email address

  2. Verify your account via email

  3. Create a new split contract

  4. Route % of royalties to your wallet address

    • enter your wallet address in the first address field under "Recipients"

    • set the split percentage to your liking

  5. Route % of royalties to target address

    • click the "add recipient" button to add a new field

    • enter your pool's accumulator address in the second address field under "Recipients"

    • set the split percentage to your liking

  6. Set “Controller” to your wallet address

  7. Choose a distribution threshold (learn more)

  8. Opt in/out of sponsoring with 1% of the contract’s royalties

  9. Name your split contract

Now that your splits contract is set up and ready to go, you can route the earnings you receive from applicable platforms into your splits contract, and subsequently, into your community pool.

STEP 3: Connecting To Other Platforms

Now that your Splits contract is set up you can route your earnings from other platforms to your community pool. We've created step by step guides for each platform below, but first, we'd like to explain the "Feature List".

What is the "Feature List" outlined below?

Each platform listed below comes paired with a feature list detailing all the features the platform does/doesn’t offer when routing your earnings to your community pool.

Here is an outline for what these features mean:



All sales that occur on SuperRare automatically route 1% of the earnings to a community pool if one is set up - this means there is no process required for setup.


Platform Website 🔗 Developer Documentation 🔗


Once you've got a Manifold contract set up, you can head to the Manifold Studio to begin the routing process.

  1. Visit the Manifold Studio website and log in to your account.

  2. Navigate to the "Contracts" section.

  3. Locate your deployed contract and click on it to open the contract details page.

  4. On the contract details page, locate and click on the "Settings" tab.

  5. This will open a new page displaying various contract settings and options.

  6. Scroll down to find the "Default Royalties" section.

  7. Within this section, locate the "Add Recipient" button and click on it.

  8. A text box will appear where you can paste your Splits contract address.

  9. Set the percentage amount of sales that will be sent to the curation pool.

  10. Click the “save royalties” button and you’re done!

Transient Labs

Platform Website 🔗 Developer Documentation 🔗


  1. Head to and select the contract you wish to configure.

  2. Head to your contract's "contract settings" pictured below.

  1. Input your Splits contract address into the “address” field and set the desired percentage of royalties you'd like sent to your pool in the "percentage" field.

  2. When you're finished click the "save" button that appears (this button will only appear after changing one of the fields)

  3. A pop up window will appear to initiate a transaction for validation. When you're

  4. Once the transaction has been accepted, you should see a pop up appear confirming the change. You've now successfully configured royalties from your Transient Labs contract to your community pool!


Platform Website 🔗 Developer Documentation 🔗


As you go through the flow to mint an artwork on Zora, you’ll have the option to create a Split.

  1. Toggle the "view advanced options" button

  1. Click the “switch network” button if available - this will prompt your wallet with a request to switch to the Zora network (learn more here)

  2. Click the “Create” button to mint the artwork


Platform Website 🔗 Support Documentation 🔗


As you go through the flow to mint an artwork on Foundation, you’ll have the option to create a Split.

  1. toggle the "Create a Split" switch and click "Continue"

  2. You can select 2-4 addresses to split earnings to. For this configuration we’ll only be using 2 addresses: your wallet address and the community pool target address.

  3. In the first field, enter your ethereum wallet address and in the second field enter your Splits contract address. Select the percentage values that each address should receive and make sure the total of all percentages adds up to 100%.

  4. Once this step is complete you are free to proceed with minting your artwork as splits to your community pool have been configured.


Platform Website 🔗 Developer Documentation 🔗


***It is important to note that OpenSea will be making royalties “optional” for all token buyers in February 2024 - this means that despite offering a way to configure royalties, OpenSea will not enforce them once this change is live.

  1. On OpenSea, navigate to the upper right corner and hover over your Profile icon

  2. Select the “Studio” option

  3. Click on the collection you’d like to edit, or select “edit details”, to navigate to your edit collection page

  4. On the left side, click the earnings section and enter the Splits contract address

  5. Set a percentage of up to 10% in total. If you'd like, you can split these earnings between multiple addresses and can configure the percentages at any time. Changes will only apply to new listings.

  6. You may need to complete a signature request in your wallet to finalize your changes.

Art Blocks

Platform Website 🔗 Developer Documentation 🔗


  1. As you go through the setup in your project’s mainnet environment, you’ll have the option to configure your splits via the Payout form fields.

  1. Once you’ve created your Split contract (as outlined in Step 2) you can paste your Splits contract address into the additional payee field.

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