🌟$RARE Staking

If you’d like to first learn more about this proposed system at a high level, please read the RARE Staking Whitepaper and the FAQ.

You can also jump in the Rare Protocol Discord to hang out and ask questions!

Curation Staking provides a new platform-agnostic, peer-to-peer social graph that improves curation, discovery, and reputation in the web3 creator economy.

RARE holders stake tokens in support of other people, whether artists, collectors, or curators. Staking someone gives them a social boost, and provides a curation signal to the ecosystem. In return, stakers are rewarded with a portion of marketplace fees when the stakee sells NFTs in the marketplace.

The overall ecosystem benefits from a new open dataset that acts as an on-chain, platform-agnostic social graph that aids with curation, discovery and other insights. Staking also helps level the playing field toward emerging talent, as stakers are incentivized to be an early staker on lesser-known actors, rather than those with larger followings.

We believe that establishing this open data layer will be a massive unlock for the entire web3 creator economy.

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