Rare Protocol
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Q3 2023 - Q4 2024 Technical Roadmap

November: Mainnet Beta Curated Feeds V1
December: Integration of Foundation, Manifold, Transient NFT contracts
January: L2 implementation published
February: Deploy Curation Staking to L2 testnet
March: Deploy Curation staking to L2 livenet

Q3 2023 - Q4 2024 Governance Roadmap (Proposed)

Wed, Nov 15: Deadline for council feedback on RFC, Brennan submits async proposal for election process
Fri, Nov 17: DAO Vision RFC posted to forum ~~ Thanksgiving week in the US ~~
Wed, Nov 29: DAO Townhall Q&A
Thurs, Nov 30: DAO Council Meeting
Fri, Dec 1: DAO Vision SIP & Election documentation posted to forum
Wed, Dec 6: DAO Townhall Q&A
Wed, Dec 13: DAO Townhall Q&A
Thurs, Dec 14: Edit forum post with SIP amendment,
Fri, Dec 15: SIP goes up for voting
Thurs, Dec 21: DAO Council meeting and digital holiday party!!
Fri, Dec 22: Voting concludes (last business day before Christmas)
~~ Holidays ~~
Week of Jan 2- Jan 5: Press release from RareDAO Foundation
Week of Jan 8 - Jan 12: Rebrand comms continue, election comms begin. Tues, Jan 16: Nomination election begins
Tues, Jan 23: Final election begins
Wed, Jan 24: DAO Townhall
Thurs, Jan 25: DAO Council Meeting
Tues, Jan 30: Election ends
Jan 31 - Feb 15: Council confirmation, KYC, and transition of power
Thurs, Feb 22: First meeting of the new RareDAO Council